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Welcome to Saili Music!

We offer wonderful piano classes in Unley and Magill which keep students engaged, interested and excited to learn the piano.

Piano classes that are fun and educational

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Why group lessons?

We offer something really unique; group piano sessions, with small numbers of students, 4 as the maximum.

  • no noise 
  • safe environment
  • we use headphones
  • each student at their own keyboard

Students are engaged, inspired to see others progress, which you don’t get to see with individual lessons, and they grow confident in performance, also we include music games to make it super fun!

We use pedagogy outcomes and 21st century learning about creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, the 4 cs and their value.

Students progress faster (friendly competition), have more fun (increased personal joy), and develop more independence (positive peer pressure to succeed) in these group lessons.

  • Two handy locations – Unley and Magill
  • Unley – 52 Oxford Terrace Unley (in Saint Spyridon College)
  • Magill – 558 Magill Road Magill (in Pepper Street Arts Studios)

Zac has thrived under Sofie’s teaching and loves his lessons!

– parent

SAILI MUSIC – Piano lessons that kids love


or call 0402266707 for enquiries

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